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 Creative Routes, Inc.

creative routes studio

Creative Services:

At Creative Routes we enjoy developing great ideas that are relevant to our clients marketing needs, problems or opportunities. We do logo designs, web designs; from concept to final production of corporate brochures, product literature, radio and television commercials.


Tradeshow Displays and Graphics:


We provide clients the full range of tradeshow marketing tools. This ranges from displays in different sizes and configurations, creative designs and printing of large format graphics.


Foreign Languages for Media:


Should you have a need for translations or dubbing of videos into other languages, you've come to the right place. We offer more than 40 languages and our pool of language translators, voice actors and ADR directors are available for small, medium or even mega projects.


Voice Talent:


We have a vast pool  of voice actors who are experienced and skilled.

Each one of them understand the nuances of language dubbing and when they are called upon to take a character role, they exhibit their ability to recreate the tone, pitch and voice demeanor of on- screen original characters.



Sound Design:


To us it is an art. We skillfully blend music, sound effects and dialog to create an experience that goes beyond what the audience expects.


We take existing sounds and enhance them to sound better.


Our sound designers are adept at using the tools to get rid of unwanted clicks, pops and other artifacts.


Editing and Mix:


All our projects go through  stringent quality control measures prior and after the mix are done.


Our engineers have sensitive ears that help in the creative process of
the right blend of dialog, music and effects.